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Sit on my other side! So prim & proper. He crosses his paws!!!

Uh oh here is Alf. What will he do?

Now my whale cat Bingo is next yo me.

My bodyguard from evil kittehs.

CLOSE UP!!!!!!

Alf is making biscuits on me. Claws need to be clipped!

Bingo outsmarted Alf! He went to my other side! Bwahahaha!!!

Now hes back to territory protecting mode b/c Bingo walked by!

Now he wants my champagne!

Alfie loves it when the girls arent with me.

Alfie is my first mate!

Yummy!!!! I love my cheap champagne!!!!

Im with you! RT : Let the drinking commence!



My first alcohol in over a year! (pregnancy!) Yes its Andre Extra Dry champagne. Cheap & tasty!!!

Alf has a hard life.

Zac is taking care of the girls but yet Mama never gets a full break b/c Alfie wants attention!

Mattie Mae thinks her feet are the most interesting things in the world!

So much for me being baby free! Alf takes any chance to have time w/Mama!