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I decided that it is summer so I bought this

Bad Piggies, "rise and swine" 2-8, for the star crate. I am a genius.

Had funtimes at the Heroes Con today. Here's me getting my MJF on.

Wandering HeroesCon! Here's 'spandex splinters.'

there is a huge supermarket right next to my house and I do not shop there

Raccoon fighter type G made in china

All the bodegas around here sell these disposable freebase pipes w/ nonworking pen innards/camoflage. Sketchyyy.

A little dude running w/ a comically oversized needle and thread

Somebody decorated the L train for me.

Damn miscreants with their vandalistic "art," filth I say!

Someone was like EFF THIS PICNIC *unghh* NOW WHOSE DEVILED EGGS ARE TO SALTY *stomps off*

good times with 's dog Heidi, good sunny park times

Here's yer fancy sidestage shot of rocking

Oh my gracious, look what just gived me!!

the zine is SOLD OUT, I'm too late. You want something from their booth?

Guys, this metal box has been neglected and is starting to act out.

This joint's ceiling is very Dr Who circa 1978.

Checking out the new sbproductions space with nick binary

Hey look who just visited my booth.

Oh man , the usual gang is STICKING IT TO YOU GOOD