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I hate this part.

Thanks, Photo Frame App. Everybody else would’ve charged me to use the 3x3 frame you gave me for free. Totes appreesh

PS EVERYBODY, Siri now doubles as a Pokédex.

Canadian Thanksgiving meant burrito night with the guys and #recipetesting for me


Sorry, what?

Happiest of birthdays, !! Lucky to be your friend.

I actually have a “washing dishes” playlist…

Channelling my inner

Ending today right with Citrus No. 2. Thanks, !

Started reading “The Untethered Soul” and my inner self is already irritated.

Didn’t even know iPhone did this! #amberalert

My life is forever changed! Thank you

Bird mills should NOT exist. Rescue or adopt a bird from a shelter or respectable breeder, people! help me out.

Whatever, it’s my favorite meal, . I’M SORRY. but only a little. you’ll get it.

It’s not even 7am and I’ve already had a donut I’m so sorry

Here’s how and I geek out over recipes that work out well… #recipetesting #cookbook

. phenomenal. You make such pretty food! #EYG13 /cc

. phenomenal. You make such pretty food! #EYG13

Hollywood, WTF?