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Have I improved him? Federer with a beard:

Just so everyone is clear, the picture on the right is the most recent.

What's happened to Louis Van Gaal's head?

"We tried to kill him, but Michel Platini kept on living" – I could make these for days.

This is too much fun: more prophesying, Bayeux-style

I've got a Torres 9 from Euro 2008. Tomorrow morning (or tonight, depending on where you are in the world), I'm Spanish:

Finally, Harry Redknapp with a porno moustache. I've got no more to give.

This is Roy Hodgson with a Lukey Moore-esque beard:

This is Hodgson with a beard:

I've got one to start you off.

…you're FIRED!!!

I like his hair. I like this photo:


Trust us:

What, like this?

Or a 1-1 draw and a 2-0 Italy win. This explains it:

I saw that you've been playing around with the IF theme. I mocked up one I thought worked well – let me know what you think.

What on earth?