Twenty-something with an addiction to pop culture, Coke Icees, and her diva Yorkie, Rupert.

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What the fuck, East Coast? It's not even Halloween yet.

Hollerrrrr~ #booze

Wawa picnic! \o/

Kind of hard to see in camera, but they're beautiful. #horseschillinatthebeach #liekwhoa

Just walked in and found him like this. IDK if this was staged by him or one of my sisters. It's a toss up, tbh.

Just saw this of Wildwood, my family's longtime vacation spot. That beach is usually two football fields long. D:

Only my family considers the house/park where they filmed #TheParentTrap remake a mandatory destination.


I mean guys, this place is fucking unreal.

And our driver was named Denis Leahy. #icouldntmakethisshitup

I mean guys, this place is fucking unreal.

Here we go. #eurotripping

LOLOMG, I like a little subtly with my misogyny at least l. For fuck's sake, my sister and I are cackling.

Is there a better place to reread books? #no

There's something surreally perfect about zooming past wide open marshland blasting Mumford & Sons at full volume.

Better batter (tastes like vanilla cake icing), cookie dough chunks, and Oreo bits. #happyfuckingbdaytome

I wish I could make a living from babysitting. #thegoodlifs

I am no longer in control of my. #whatareyouthatyoucouldmakemedothis

I apologize in advance for what I end up tweeting/blogging tonight. #druuuunk

Guys. #icant #childishgambino

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