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you two and gege

Even my dog says "Sunglasses Required"

Apparently vancouver media is trying to put teens in bikinis on their front page. Gallagher approves

King kong aint got shit on me! #trainingday

check this one out

Yes friends. That is a VHS. Love dollar stores

According to the score mobile, the #Canucks and Blue waffles are in period -3OT #confused

Got my #Goalpool prize from the today! Thanks!

A picture every #Canucks fan and #Bruins fan can enjoy. Even will. from Days of Yorr

more signs

Signs are awesome

Hey fido. What does SOS mean? It means go fuck yourself

You know your in surrey when..........

or possibly this....

Very hard to blog with a 20 pound cat on your chest.

My fav Hodgson moment. When he crushed Ovi back on halloween #Canucks #coho

even my dog is bored #SNTrade

who is your online editor Ryank Kesler?

2005 circa #Canucks night light is super ghost like. #scary

I know wants this pez dispenser set