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I run a blog, a podcast, and a moderately functional life. I have a third degree black belt in Gymkata.

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The four faces of the film critic, in the moment before the press screening begins.

Apparently this was Gatsby's house in the last movie adaptation too. This place doesn't suck.

And now! It's time for another thrilling installment of Sexually Inappropriate Out of Context Comic Panel Theater!

When movie nerds make comics.

If you hear about a OCEAN'S 11 style heist of this sometime in the next 72 hours I, uh, had nothing to do with it.

See, now, THIS is the way to start a comic book. Don't you want to read Page 2?

This used to be such a collector's item. Now? Ten bucks in the Used DVD bin.

Wait, one of the competitors on Bravo's new singing competition show is a dog? This wound be a great twist or SNL skit.


Kirby's reaction to the news that he's being renamed Neon Boudeaux.

Kirby's reaction to the news that he's being renamed Neon Boudeaux.

Johnny. Mnemonic. Effing. Pinball.

...but the Pinball Hall of Fame is pretty incredible.

Doesn't look like much outside...

There are few absolute black and white truths in this world but this is one: that is a lot of food.

"This is not what it looks like."

Hey lookee! My first piece in Time Out Chicago! It's not online but if you're in Chicago pick up a copy.

Seriously people. Someone drove a DeLorean to #ebertfest. This person is a hero. #outtatime

And now we all have a picture of standing next to a DeLorean.

Champaign's Art Theater, where famously saw CITIZEN KANE for the 1st time. I guess Erniefest's next week.

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