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General Manager of News Media Digital. Digital artist, web designer, SEOer and photography enthusiast.

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Current status: Let's do this

The Draft Blocker was featured on Amazon as a "best seller"

Hmm… I wonder how similar these "Similar Products" are?

How can you NOT like FB UI changes. I can hear management: "just flip shit around, that'll show 'em who's still #1"

One of the 6 B-17s returning to Oahu at the time of the surprise attack on Pearl. Hit while landing, crew survived.

A Public Service Announcement:

A Chicago Legend. #Chicago #ChicagoBears #NFL

I support

If I didn't know better I'd say was sitting at the other end of Draper's office. #funnytiming #coincidence

Epic ad!

I hope the Mktg Mngr and not the designer got fired for this. But both should have caught it. Hat tip

I support

Some awesome poster designs from the new Aliens: Colonial Marines release. Photo courtesy Abe T. Alien (I'm serious)

It handles #RWD well across every device in their gallery.

This is awesome! Upload an image or grab a screenshot for design mocks Hat tip

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