Matilda Hankinson


If I could, I would live in a house made of cheese.

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Fwd: Just mix errything in a bowl. (Sorry for Euro measurements)

I made this, and now I have no idea what to do with it. #bwfc #TheSoundofMavies.

Outrageously pleased with my current manicure. #mani #nailart

This is the view of my back garden from the kitchen window. So madly in love with this house

Seriously though, baby tortoises are great for pulling...

Yesterday I signed my first lease ever. And my new house has a bridge indoors. Like, seriously.

Stole my housemate's phone while he was in the shower, took this picture, and set it as his background. Jealous?

the shoes in action. Thanks again, I love them so much!

But nevermind that, I have seahorses on my toes! #nailart #seahorsesforeva

If I keep ignoring this mess I need to sort do you reckon it'll go away?



What possessed me to buy new shoes after that horrific weekend of moving, I will never know. But, hey, new shoes!

I refuse to throw away my Bolton business socks, even though the sole is just a holehole

I've lived in an artist squat for 8 months. Clearly I know art. #lastnight

About to take down my wall of masterpieces...

Just to get all of this into one duffel bag now...


Maybe we like moustaches...