I've been building software for about 18 years. I have many scars, but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the buzz that comes from building something great.

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Input. #pomodoro

Spent. #springcycle

Ready. #springcycle

This is the kind of cargo-cult advice our biggest telco gives out to new phone users. No wonder they find it so hard.

You know you’ve arrived when your startup gets it’s own pen. /cc

A well-deserved pint of Murray’s Angry Man Pale after a productive day. #beertweet

Hello there!

I have to be honest, I bought these based purely on packaging alone. #beertweet

I approve of this lovely cerveza. #beertweet

This sounds like me. #beertweet

Manly Beach at 8:00am this morning. #fleetreview

More cafés should do this (although perhaps not at $14).

Could this be the name for a beer? Ever? #beertweet

and this!!


Est ce canard? #tourdesinc

Pour après. #tourdesinc

On the (more or less) anniversarie of Tour de Sinclair, the crowd is assembling …

Has anyone ever attempted to open Champagne with a corkscrew? I think it’s telling that this warning is in English.

Great name for a beer. Sadly, not such a great beer tho’.