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Correspondent for BBC/PRI's The World in Boston - ( Lots of Mideast here, but making the pivot to Asia. (RTs = FYI. That's it.)

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Sign on the outer wall of the old Victoria prison in Hong Kong shows that nobody can touch the British when it comes to bureaucratic formality

Good to see kids getting journalism out of their system at a young age, #HongKong

Multiple barricades protect Mong Kok protest site, but police told me things have been calm all day

Not easy getting in and out of protest site at Admiralty this afternoon. Absolutely packed.

Sign at #HongKong protest says something like "A protest is not a carnival". Some activists say this is a real concern, i.e. too much fun, not enough focus.

Plenty of these still blocking streets near protest sites in Hong Kong tonight.

Protesters told me they'll do shifts to keep the sit-in at #OccupyCentral going

You know it's getting real real when the tote bags come out.

We have on the line from #Gaza, . Stay tuned.

The state of the Middle East peace process, by Israeli cartoonist Shay Charka

#FreeAJStaff - #Egypt - Journalism is not a crime.

This is not Chinese. It's calligraphy in Manchu, a language that's close to dying out. Listen tomorrow

Kitchy fun with figurines from the Cultural Revolution on sale in Beijing. If you weren't actually there.

I'd heard that the mountains were visible on clear days from Beijing city center. First time I've actually seen them, though.

Beijing air purifier display. If it has a picture of blonde white people on it, you know it must be good.

Tiananmen fire patrol

Israel's already strict gun laws might be getting even more strict, today on

#ObamainIsrael waves goodbye at Ben Gurion Airport, and he's on his way to #Jordan.

Visited the set of "The President" today, new #Palestinian reality TV show

Palestinian stuffed pigeon in the Old City of #Jerusalem, #whatsforlunch