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Mets: I'm breaking out the old t-shirt for tonight's game. Let's Go Mets:

This is real, I kid you not:

I'm waiting in cold, empty studio, hoping I get green light to surf Net on air... I'm thinking it's doubtful:

Yes, this is the back of my car:

Manuel is speaking, all 25 players on field stretching, running, plus Delgado, lots of hustle:

It very calm and casual here today, players and media alike, nice vibe, not tense at all:

Its crazy hot & humid, and the Mets are taking old school infield, which I like to see:

In studio, mic'd up, looking over notes, gonna try something new and show other blogs on screen on air:

Still no power, so I've set up shop at a coffee place nearby to write, apartmnt is fine, so they say... thanks for well wishes:

I'm outside watchng firemen put a fire out below my aprtmnt. backup generator exploded. must be bcuz I'm a Mets fan, right?

Mets saying Jose Reyes will not play a rehab game this week. Also, LH Mattingly throwing BP to Dodgers, in advance of Perez:

I'm off to the ballpark, first to film SNY segment, then watch game with my old friend, Phil. BTW, these were my fav Jordans:

#Mets #Dodgers Pic: Manny Ramirez in tunnel, shmoozing with plyers & persnnl in Citi Field:

I'm at Citi Field, dark clouds on horizon, but that doesn't compare to this truck on fire on the Hutch:

Here are my notes for Pre Game on SNY, which will air at 12:30 pm:

This area, according to Bobby K, should be called The Piazza, which is clever, of course that may be too Mets for the Mets:

Hmmm, an un-manned Big Apple Brews? Who's buying?

I'm waiting in the VZ studio in Citi Field to film my in-game segment for tomorrow's game, but the lights are off, Uh Oh:

, being the 'outsider on the inside,' working the phones for the #Knicks blog!

#Beer: My friend, , & his bro, kegging their home brewed Russian Imp. Oak Aged Stout, amazing beer: