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Doing an internship at 99.3 Mountain FM in Castlegar. Prod lackey and occasional drive co-host guy. I do what I'm told, with attitude!

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Omelet! Except it's more like a...giant egg taco. And I'm okay with that.

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This is where I am. This is WHERE I AM! Seriously?! Triathlon or no, Christina Lake is beautiful. I'm happy.

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Hey . Remember that time you doubted my salad-making skillz? Yeah? Well check out my dinner. Check. Mate.

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So went back on his promise of making me dinner. I'm on my own. Sidekicks? You're going down, fool.

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Reason number 1 why I'm a genius. These should come standard. #milliondollaridea

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Oh my god. This is what I deal with, living with . Talking to his gf with a lamp shade on his head...

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I worry about you, . You've been laying on the floor and in weird places a lot lately... #intervention

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This beer is probably my new favourite. , I owe you 2 meals today. And 2 beers. Don't let me forget.

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Another culinary masterpiece by and myself. Good thing we have that marathon tomorrow...carbo-load!

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Men Without Hats! Tonight! Matt and I found their...Jeep. And he HAD to take off his hat. Oh man. #MenWithoutHats

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A breakfast in the life of Matt and Matt. Makes your breakfast look pretty pathetic, I know. BAM.

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On the road to Zuckerburg Island. Castlegar. We call it Facebook Island. This place is too nice right now.

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Check out the view of my back seat from my front seat. This is my life in packed-car form. Moving #moving

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Tony Roma's in Red Deer has this super weird, seductive picture of a pear on a couch. Seducing me. This is surreal.

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Bacon-beer eggs and turkey for breakfast. What you know about breakfast? would be proud.

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Hey , I found something that you might want to consider calling. Just lookin' out for you, slugger. Pal :)

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Somebody help! Where do I start?! I'm so scared...

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Writing a blog you'll hopefully never read. I'm sick of ME talking about this, let alone everyone else. #teamsheen

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Is this bagel burnt? Is it?! Hell no! Matthew Kupka: Master Toaster! Bagel, good show old bean. But I win again...

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I'm a Master Nachoteer. This had 405% of my daily recommended intake of saturated and trans fats, just in cheese.

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