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Sunset over south Lebanon. "This is a beautiful country," a friend says," but impossible for people to live in."

Beirut, 3 a.m.:

Back from Havana. More photos soon.

Because it's not a trip until I see somebody get arrested, Occupiers pepper sprayed at Toronto City Hall tonight:

Found in Cairo: I love how one of the worst ways to insult someone is to imply that they should eat McDonald's.

I think this guy sums up public opinion on #Tahrir tonight. cc:

Said it before, I'll say it again: It ain't a revolution unless you've got cotton candy. #Tahrir #Egypt

The scene from #Tahrir:

Wardrobes on #Tahrir's front lines over the past few days have gotten increasingly... creative. cc:

These are #Tahrir's ambulances: Driver in the front, passenger in the middle, seatbelt in the back. #Egypt

Probably my best shot from #Tahrir last night: Youths headed to join the fight. cc: #Egypt

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 8:

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 7:

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 6:

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 5:

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 3:

The injured at #Tahrir, pt. 2:

Helping the injured at #Tahrir, pt. 1:

School-age revolutionaries. #Tahrir #Egypt

2 hours ago: This is the street making world news. #Tahrir #Egypt

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