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just whack it with a shoe! (only don't miss because this applies to wasps too):

Attention fellow nerds, Winter is Coming:

Happy Birthday !!!

a note on my phone from over a year ago, so let's go ASAP:

. demonstrates her infamous two ball grab technique

At the point (enough whiskey) where I no longer need the subtitles to know what's going on, good because:

Watching German opera again.
This time doing it right, as Wagner intended: slightly drunk and wearing this:


My #2 Favorite place to pee (pic doesn't do it justice, it's a palatial urinal made in the golden age of urinals)

Just walking the dog, as you do, in Brooklyn

just saw that Junkers JU 52 fly over the East River and then loop back over lower Manhattan

I got you covered

Special thanks to my niece for leaving this on the bed I'm using tonight. I'm sure it won't come to life to kill.


I can't hear you. Too busy eating this

Proud to say I only peed my pants a little bit when I saw this in an empty lot in Brooklyn

These Friday the 13th sequels are really getting out of hand

Safe trip to Florida, and your little friend

As always, I order the manliest drink at the table

Just wrecked this Asian boy band in a dance off. Even with a black vest uniform, no one steps to my Pop & Lock.