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This picture is hanging in the bathroom of my hotel room

Breaking it down after Matt and Kim weezer show, ready for next step! Kim as Edie Sedgwick

Black eye

Important messages...

Can someone make me a cellphone that looks like this?

Standing in airport next to mysterious lever... Must pull... Can't... Help... Myself

I feel I might be able to score some deals at this sale

This is what the future of travel will look like, vans with hundreds of cameras glued to them

Matt and Kim lineup change. Got Diddy on the drums.

Presently eating somewhere with a statue of Elvis on the roof

Leaving Orlando... headed to Montreal... Kim gone wild...

The hair in this painting is amazing

Nuff said

Push over Mos, M&K are in the house

Some strict rules around here

New stage name?

In Madison, saw this building against the sunset and I don't believe it's real, like a Hollywood sound stage

don't know which is more dangerous, riding in this taxi without a seatbelt, or wearing this one covered in blood

Sky Mall product of the week...

So there was a couple people watching Blink 182