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I own Masuga Design. Floating through space with you since the '70s. King of Michigan. See also: @devot_ee, @masugadesign

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Dear Twitter, I have 3 accounts. How many emails do I need to unsubscribe from? Look at this crap.


Dear Every Company on Earth, stop using this stock photo lady. Please.

No, I see one link. Just confirmed I have latest Profile:Edit files and ran module update too.

I'm willing to bet no one knows what that setting does. Or this one: #eecms

Two hard drives. / #devo

Who in their right mind would sign up for a site like this?

Sorry...just noticed the catEditButtons class, thank the old gods and the new. Will hide those.

You don't say. I can't imagine how the 12-inch LP feels.

. I'd like to see what version any given bug was fixed in: eg., "Bug fixed in 2.5.0" #eecms

I used to play Brand Cop, but can't continue when 's own people put spaces in the name. #eecms

Holy crap. Just got a notice I need to update my Blogger blog. Sure enough, it actually exists. One post, Oct 2001.

Happy Birthday to The Other Ryan, . As a gift, I made him immortal.

. Too bad doesn't advertise MojoMotor there instead. Same WP ads are running on MetaQ. #eecms

Oh, that's cute. The {path=LOGOUT} in my #eecms bug report actually got parsed.

Phonetically speaking, quite possibly one of the best opening Scrabble racks ever.

My son Ben is 1 today. Happy Birthday, Lil' Man.

Any users ever set up Github's aC Service Hook so that it works?

At the 9/11 memorial. Jaw dropping.

I am sharing this room...with . FML

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