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Network admin, Xbox and PC gamer. My opinions are my own. Disclaimer: I curse a lot.

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Whups meant to attach this.


Tweeted this the other day actually


Saved this for you for posterity.
It is now immortalized for all time.

Oh Excellent
Looking forward to some teaming ups for dem phat lewts.

I think this sums up my evening.

I didn't really have a bitchy arya photo so I'm glad that works.

Whelp I am giving up on humanity now.
Just found dinosaur on human erotica on amazon.

I need a hug right now

The fact there will never
Be another robin comedy special or movie is a crime against nature.

This week is shark weeeeeeek!!
Fuck Yeah!!
Who's got two thumbs and is excited?
This guy /pointatself

I can imagine her face Everytime she gets up.

more like dis

You are a crafty evil awesome person.

was driving me nuts trying to find it on my phone.