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. peep the sink strainer screwed on it! (more "Steampunk-ish", less "Rocket Science.";)) <3 it!

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After the "misplaced-lightsaber" debacle...I have now been relegated to dueling with an oversized candy cane...

I know, right?? 6?!? (oh, 6 & 3/4, he'd like me to say.;))"Spinning-Lightsaber" *FTW*

So, guess who accidentally dropped the Lego X-Wing?... Me.

"My banana doesn't fit my banana-box!" #NotAEuphemism

Number one with a bullet on my list of possible titles for my memoir #IfOrWhenImEverFamousEnoughToWriteAMemoir;)

So.."Camo-Bat-Trooper" happens when Prez is given free rein over wardrobe choice for a trip to the corner shops.

. "Pew-pew" battle ended abruptly when *someone* dropped, and stepped on, Lego R2... ;)

Picked up Palahniuk's "Tell All", and two big-@$$ Hershey's bars. (my Friday night is *sorted*! :D)

Ooo! How lush!! :)
(a lovely sunshiny winter's day here too, finally, after days of torrential rain!)

"I'm stuck."

"I wish I had a Plan B..."

is dusting off "Ye Olde Lightbox"...('cos I love the sound of an electric sharpener in the morning.)

Lookie at my HUMONGOUS lighter! #notaeuphemism

ANZAC Day, and gettin' my Lego on...

(Take 2;))) Twitterature: "Heart Of Darkness"

here's the view over my shoulder (I'm currently workin on "Santa's Apprentice"..I'm burnin' Santa's beard!! ;))

My sis just had a baby boy! All are doing fine and well. :)

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