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Aviation and bacon obsessed Travel & Tourism student, ex-Australian, Yorkshire born, Birmingham bred. Customer Service Volunteer at BHX ✈ - #avgeek

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Omfg I didn't know we had a neighbour called Mick hahahahah!!


Hate it when paragraphs just don't quite fit

All time favourite thing on Tumblr

I love dramatic spam haha, you do wonder if they went to some sort of acting school for all this

it's us three

Look how cute Klara's teachers babies are awwww

You can see the sort of theme that runs though mine and Klara's friendship

I love how small the 'live' thing is hahaha

Don't know whether to laugh or cry really

I wanna go to Klara's school

I've been looking at this gif for about five minutes now, I don't know who I am anymore

Suck my dick hazard perception test!

Someone's dicking around with the airports Wikipedia page and it's not really helping me eurgh

Omg so Facebook things I'm a pirate so they want me to use it in my native language hahahaahaha



Sorry, okay, but who actually writes these things?!

Been a bit productive this afternoon (for once) and made this for when I start! All I have to do now is learn it, yay