Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

Photos and Videos by @MarsCuriosity

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Lookie what I did! It's a hole in 1 rock on Mars. This "mini drill" was a test, more to come!

Among team members in #inaug2013 parade was Flight Dir Bobak Ferdowsi aka Mohawk Guy. I approve of the 'do!

My double is ready to roll in #inaug2013 parade with & mission team members.

The motion of the dust removal tool (pictured here on the right) left the circular pattern

Get... that... dirt off your boulder... See first use of my dust removal tool on Mars:

Here's the view from "Grandma's House," my home for the solidays (holisols?). Wish you were here!

Greetings from Yellowknife Bay! Investigating new terrain & looking for the right rock to drill

The journey of 352,000,000 miles begins with a single launch. One year ago today, I left Earth for Mars

Rock & Roll! On Friday, I had my 1st drive in 6 weeks & got to a new science target. See my tracks:

Wish you were here! This self-portrait is one hi-res frame of the MAHLI mosaic in the works right now

MAHLI Rocks! Used my hand-lens imager to take pics of rocks in the Rocknest area for future examination

Challenge accepted. Here's my observation tray with regolith from the same sample I'm analyzing

I can do donuts on Mars, but it's just not the same. #Endeavour, you're making me homesick #SpotTheShuttle

Mars #3D: Grab your red-cyan glasses to see terrain, my parachute & backshell in 3-D via [pic]

The Right Scuff: Here's the hazcam view of the sandy stuff I'm inspecting at the Rocknest site

Rock On! I rolled up to "Rocknest," a patch of wind-blown soil, the potential target for my 1st scoop test

Moon Over Mars: I snapped a pic of one of Mars' moons, Phobos, in the twilight sky over Gale crater

Another day in paradise! Perfect driving weather. Here's the B&W navcam view 102 ft (31 m) closer to Glenelg

Stars & Stripes Forever on the Red Planet: See the US flag I brought with me to Mars

Interplanetary Sig File: The President, VP & top brass signed this plaque I brought to Mars