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...and just when you thought Mars couldn't get *any* stranger...

  • 1153 days ago via site
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In or around Kendal Thurs night? If it's clear, come along to the last Eddington AS "Moonwatch" of 2012...

  • 1154 days ago via site
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Gale Crater, home of #MSL, is a fascinating place, different types/shaped rocks everywhere. Let's look at a few...

  • 1155 days ago via site
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Wow... look where #MSL Curiosity has driven to now... yet again I wish I knew more geology... (sigh)

  • 1156 days ago via site
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Oh boy... Look what #MSL Curiosity is seeing now... (3D image, red/blue glasses needed)

  • 1159 days ago via site
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The Moon (with lovely "Earthshine") and Venus, earlier today as seen ftrom Kendal by Eddington AS members...

  • 1160 days ago via site
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Mercury peeping out from behind the trees soon after rising, joining the Moon & Venus in the sky before dawn today

  • 1160 days ago via site
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Eddington Astronomical Society members Carol & Stu braving the freezing cold to enjoy the Planets on Parade... :-)

  • 1160 days ago via site
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Mercury, Venus and the Moon in the Kendal sky before dawn this morning... -3 deg C but spectacular view... :-)

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Worth freezing for... Mercury, Venus and the Moon earlier this morning... beautiful!

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Ok, any geologists following me... what the heck are we looking at here..?

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Look east before dawn in UK tomo & you'll see Venus & Moon close, Mercury to lower left, Saturn to upper right...

  • 1161 days ago via site
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Mercury, Venus, the Moon & Saturn, lined up before dawn. The sky itself was giving Patrick Moore a send-off... :-)

  • 1161 days ago via site
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And finally Mercury appeared! Bitterly cold, howling wind, sky a brittle gunmetal blue...but 3 worlds in a line...

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Venus, the Moon and Saturn (above left of Moon) at 6.30am today, before Mercury peeked out from behind the cloud..

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Next time someone tries to tell you we've stopped exploring, show them this picture, taken before dawn today...

  • 1163 days ago via site
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L-R: two happy, shivering Eddington AS members observing Mercury and Venus at 06.30 this morning outside Kendal

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L-R: Mercury, Venus & Saturn photographed from outside Kendal at stupid o'clock this morning at minusOMG degrees C

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Venus (brighter) and Mercury (low, left) photographed from *freezing* cold layby outside Kendal this morning ...

  • 1163 days ago via site
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Oh my... #MSL Curiosity has been for a drive, and look where she is *now*... #luvverlylayers #wishIknewmoregeology

  • 1164 days ago via site
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