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Join Eddington AS members at Kendal Castle from 6.30pm next Wed night (13th) as we *try* to see Comet PANSTARRS..!

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Wise words to bear in mind as we all prepare for PANSTARRS and grow impatient for ISON... :-)

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Mercury as photographed from Kendal Castle, Monday Feb 18th 2013.

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If the Russian meteor trail was 320km as reported, here it is above the UK for scale... gulp...!!

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Mankind: digging into rock for millennia...

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What? ANOTHER astro event being held in Kendal by the Eddington Astronomical Society? Oh yes! Jupiter & ISS too!

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The Comet Is Coming....!

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Well done Oppy #MERB, well done... #MER #9years #doingascienceEVERYdayfornineYEARS

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360 deg view of Kendal Castle in the snow, just before sunset...

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Kendal Castle an hour before sunset today... can't wait to observe PANSTARRS and ISON from this very spot...

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Almost 9yrs after landing on Mars #MERB Opportunity's "Doing A Science" almost every sol! She's *here* right now..

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Look at the *gorgeous* view #MSL Curiosity is enjoying now...

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More #MSL martian mineralogical beauty... look underneath that rocky ledge at the top... now that's pretty...

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...and there's a special EDDINGTON AS illustrated talk in Kendal for STARGAZING LIVE on Jan 11th too...

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TSTARGAZING LIVE is coming up again & Kendal's EDDINGTON AS is taking part! First, a SKYWATCH on Wed Jan 9th...

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Hoping there's a child somewhere in the world today, unwrapping a toy rocket, who will do this when they grow up..

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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Forget all the tiresome "End of the World" b*****s, look at these gorgeous mineral veins in a rock on Mars!! #MSL

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Want to see #MSL Curiosity's latest *amazing* view in 3D? Oh go on then...

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