At the end of the day I don't want life to be about what I accomplished... I want it to be about what God accomplished in me.

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God is the best part of my life. Without Him, I can't imagine where I'd be. Marami pong salamat, Ama. #Centennial2014 #ProudToBeINC

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I am more than content with the friends I have in my life at this point. I wouldn't want any better because I already have the best. #PENGKAYSAndFriends — in Puerto Galera.

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Puerto Galera vibes! See you later :)

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Well guys.. I want to leave a simple message that came from the bottom of my heart.. I want to thank first our beloved professors Ma'am Margele Angeles-Andres and Sir Elson Montalbo for sharing their knowledge to us, for teaching us everyday, for guiding us, even though sometimes we became naughty, rude and noisy but still they're always there to support and understand us. Thank you again Ma'am and Sir for all the things you've done to all of us.

Lets go to the things that I want to say to all of you my fellow centennial batch. Well all I want to say is thank you and sorry. Thank you for all the things we've shared together, for the laughter's, for the tears, for all the school test that we faced together thank you also for being part of my college life, without each of you maybe my life is full of sadness and sorrow, maybe it's not complete and all for that I want to say thank you for supporting me always and for cheering me up whenever I feel blue (keme haha) and let's see the other side and it's all about sorry. Sorry for all the bad things I've done, sorry for being rude and selfish for a sometimes, sorry because there are times that I say things against to you that made you feel bad. I am really really sorry for that. basta guys just keep up the good work and stop those stupid one and always put God in the center of your/our life. Strive to be the very best because it is the one thing that we can present to our parents and they will be proud of us someday. Always remember that "doing your best makes you a winner" Thank you again to all of you for accepting my imperfection..

I won't say goodbye because it is not yet end.. "ending are also beginning". We just don't know it a time. BREAK A LEG.

Love Markko a.k.a The Songbird :))

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First and foremost I would like to give God all the glory, honoring him for making this journey of my life a phenomenon one and to be thankful always because, without him there is no me. Today, was an amazing yet emotional day for me, due to the journey I have endured to get to this point in my life. It was not easy getting my degree, but I know it has and will continue to change my life in ways I cannot even imagine. Papa and Mama. At this point in my life, I’m considered an adult. Yes, maybe sometimes I don’t completely act like it, but that’s part of life, right? As I’m growing up, I realize just how much you did for me. And, for that, I need to truly thank you. Papa ~ thank you for telling me what I’m capable of. For giving me the support that I needed to build a dream to chase after. And for believing that I have the talent to reach my goals. Thank you for being so strict with your rules that I missed out on some moments that could have led me down the wrong path. For standing your ground when I begged to go somewhere or do something that, in hindsight, could have introduced me to things that would jeopardize my future forever. Mama ~ Thank you for showing me what a true battle looks like. For never giving up and for still being an active, involved, dedication mother to my siblings and me, even when you clearly didn’t have the energy to do so. Thank you for your personality. For sharing your love of life, sense of humor, excitement for every experience, ability to be friend a stranger, and courage to look fear directly in the face until it backs down. Thank you for showing me how to fight for what I believe in. In life, love, and everything in between. For giving me the strength to stand up for myself and expect nothing less than the very best. To both of you, Papa and Mama, thank you for showing me true love in its rarest form, what it feels like, and how it can extend beyond life’s obstacles and challenges. Without each of you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am – and the person I’m still working on becoming. There aren’t enough words in the world to express my appreciation, but I think this is a good start. I owe you one. P.S. Kaya ko po pina-suot sa inyo ang cap and gown na 'yan simple because THIS GRADUATION IS NOT FOR ME, IT IS FOR YOU PAPA & MAMA
Your One and Only Son.

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A group of people that started off as friends and turned into a family. #MYPENGKAYSFAMILY

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This summer is going to be a summer of surprises, a summer of happiness, a summer full of fun. ©

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Summertime is always the best of what might be. #‎SummerCampaign2014 ©

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There is nothing in my life that is comparable to my FAMILY! I am so BLESSED to have them by my side always watching out for me. LOVE them more than life itself! // '13-'14

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Remembering 2013 - Looking back at this passing year I have once again been blessed with a wonderful year. 2013 was indeed an awesome year for me, I can't imagine how God blessed me more than I deserve and helped me sustain in everything I’ve been through. I am also glad and thankful for this tremendous and adventurous journey that 2013 has brought me! I have met some pretty amazing people, realized some new things that will help me through the rest of my life and I must really say that there is nothing in my life that is comparable to my family! I am so thankful to have them by my side always watching out for me. Love them more than life itself! And most importantly I have been brought closer to God! I thank Him everyday of my life for being blessed with such a great life filled with such amazing people & that's truly the best gift for me. Simply thankful for everything God has blessed me for this year. There is really nothing more I could ask for! I am very very THANKFUL and BLESSED that today I still got this LIFE to once again embrace a new journey for 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR - Markko

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My actions will tell you everything you need to know about me. Pay attention.

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Today I got bored so I did a photo shoot // People don't always change. Sometimes they're just starting to show you who they really are ... True colours in a black and White life

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Though I have been terribly wounded and scarred in this war of LOVE. I'm still here to fight another battle because my heart's a soldier. ©

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At the beach, time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.

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You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your back bone oughta be. ©

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I mean, a part of me really feels about wearing a cut-out skull shirt even on an ordinary day.

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All that bullsh*t I ain't hearing it, cause I'm on point like a pyramid. I'm flushing you terds, killing sh*t.

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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.

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Be brave enough to live creatively.What you will discover will be wonderful: Yourself.

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I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.

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