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What they don't know is that in honor of John the Baptist, I bought chocolate covered grasshoppers and worms. See:

Jacob the intern takes on yet another eating challenge.

Epic Battle with my son, tonight! This pic is not for the squeamish.

Hey check this out! I'm on the new veggie tales Hosanna worship cd! I sang a duet with Larry. You gotta hear it!

Breakfast with beauties

I'm writing a rocker with . Seriously, this song may be too cool for either of us to sing.See pic:

I can think of a better way to start off a weekend of writing than with lunch at Barbaras!

I've been singing for a Loooooong time:

Lulled to sleep by his Hydro victory, Captain Crown, was crushed by new foe: Velveevil! Pic not for the squeamish

Sorry Moby's site has nasty comments apparently. So here are the winning shirts in another format.

Boba Trump says, "you're fired"

Bleach is rockin right behind us as we dual

Amazing moments. John Michael will never forget this. And niether will I.

Zippy cups have evolved quite a bit in just a few years. The inner workings of this one has bested

Meeka (Hope) is enjoying her first night out with the fam. Chilis!!!! Love that salsa and queso! Check it out:

Greetings from Guangzhou Zoo! Can't do this in America!

Signing the final papers for the adoption.

Hope Meeka giving us her best Rockface!

This is the place where Hope was found. Wrapped in a red blanket on the ground outside this hospital.

Hope's 1st doctor visit. Went pretty well. Met a few Crowns fans that were there with new babies.