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Creative Arts Minister at Christ's Church of Oronogo | On a healthy journey of surrender | Love being a family man, but could be so much better at it.

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I haven't been thrilled about 90 degree weather in a long's going to be a great week! #nomoreheatwave

New mascot of .

Wicked Hot! Thankfully it's #happyhour at

Welcomed home from 10 days in Colorado by this sweet potato in the pantry!


Dual tip black Sharpies at Walmart for $0.50. Merry Christmas to me!

Most generic brand items I can tolerate for the savings, but there is just something different about real-deal Rice Krispies!

This is the crowd waiting on my daughter's 1st grade fall program. She's a rockstar!

What a great way to kick off a Tuesday.

Webb City Center Creek flooding. D is closed.

Deep fried cheeseburger Magoo's. Wow.

My truck seats 6, and so does this one! I love SW Missouri.

Go Cards! End of 1st :: WC 21, Nixa 7

Go Cards! End of 1st :: WC 21, Nixa 7

Enjoyed a cookout and now a fantasic fire with and families.

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