Mark Bond


Creative Arts Minister at Christ's Church of Oronogo | On a healthy journey of surrender | Love being a family man, but could be so much better at it.

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Woke up this morning to the smell of...crock pot cow tongue! #youknowyouwantsome #beef #lickme

My 8 yr old has a list of "Things I want to do better at a new year". I was so excited to find this! #ilovemykids

Good morning ! It's going to be a great day! #sunrise

These don't fit anymore! #craigslist #thisfeelsgreat

There you go . You're +1.

There you go , you're +1

They you go , you're +1.

Ruthy's 2nd grade Halloween party!!!

Celebrating October 23rd! #candycorn

School lunch. Where do chicken rings come from? Cheese-plastered broccoli, cheese-plastered potatoes, fudge bar.

It's a good day when the UPS driver shows up with these! #fourmacpros

55 degrees and falling. Frost advisory tonight. Fireplace is taking the chill out of the house. #ilovethefall

How can I love you and hate you SO much?!? #resultsstartwhenyoudo

I love the one-of-a-kind repurposed burlap tumblers ! Waiting to pick out my perfect one!

Enjoying lunch with my youngest princess at her school!

Hey , it's September!

Zac Brown &'s a beautiful morning!

keeps crankin' out killer sandwiches! #idlikeanorangejuiceandasideofheartattackforbreakfast

keeps crankin' out killer sandwiches #heartattackforbreakfast

So excited to have join in worship today!