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Content Marketing & Communications Strategist. Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer 2012. My personal interests: #gadgets #technology #pcgaming #hijinks

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Dave Hamilton: Discussing putting together packaging for podcast sponsorship. #bwela

404. What was I supposed to find? Thank you.

Excuse me, ... Why is my profile still live and why can't I change my profile settings? Please delete.

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Apparently, did not appreciate my changing my name and profile and changed it back for me...

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It would seem that I still have a public profile and Klout score. How do we correct that? Thank you.

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Please forgive me. I'm not sure what is done. I deleted my browser cache and cookies...

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Okay. I fixed my Klout profile... I had an 80 score on Saturday. Today, I'm a 61. I'm still awesome though! Trust me!

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Poetry? Spewing forth from my zombies? It's more likely than you think! Free undead check.

People, knowledge is power!

People, knowledge is power!

This Saturday, a very special Palahniuk Christmas... FROM HELL! Mwuhahaha!

Hahaha! N00bs! All your books are belong to us!

Want to learn how to be a killer for the Mexican mob? There's a book for that!

Zombigami bitches! Paper folding for the living dead!

Check it out! All these bound devices are portable, 100% cross-platform compatible, and have an infinite battery life!

The entire building is dedicated to storing and selling bound documents created on a "printing press". It's INSANE!

Holy crap! Does anyone remember these? I'm going totally retro tonight!

What do we want? COFFEE! When do we want it? NOW! #occupystarbucks

I might be moving shortly to a safer location. #occupystarbucks