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former college athlete,sports addict,adds pixie dust to the PR world. Recognized from this little show called The Bachelor.Thoughts are my own,not my employer

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caption this. GO! #beatdook #theymakeitsoeasyforus

see ... i told you we first met on Friday night ;)

Do yourself a favor...don't upgrade to the new fb app unless you want to stare at a blue screen & not be able to use it

Love that our office is making space to help our creative ideas come to life! Can't wait to play! #iD8 #Disney

How can a cake with a heart NOT be good for you? :)

Yes. You read that right. Chocolatey marshmallowy goodness :)

Cake jars!!!!

Best. Day. Ever! Received a lovely package courtesy of yay!

How are there still people in this world that think this is cool? #unpimphisride

Yeahhhhhhh...we may or may not have good seats :) Go Rays!

Feel free to direct all fly balls in this direction :) Cmonnnnnnnn Rays!

Reunited with my luffer :) where are youuuuuu

It's September and this is my view...yup, Florida livin' ain't half bad :)

I found Waldo :)

And she's all done :)

whyyyyy are you in my magazine? :)

THIS is why I check in online and use mobile boarding passes. Thanks for fixing everything !

If you're in Orlando steer far away from us! Two chicks 'harnessed' this box spring. No promises it makes it.

show was hilarious! If you're in the Orlando area see her this weekend !