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Sports fan,addicted 2 espn/espnradio.Love of football started early,born durin superbowl.Ex-military,love/respect the troops.ATL Braves/BSU fan.Big movie buff

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This Major, my dog. Hes not up for adoption,but his twin brother is. 5lb maltese. Plz let me know if u can help me out!

Best Buy at midnight.The line was over a quarter of a mile long.Entire length of store,wrapped around,no end in sight

Heres the black friday lines at 10pm. I managed to wrestle a lady for my crock pot & waffle maker

Ready for the game! Boise State vs Las Vegas! My niece loves Kellen "Dynamite" Moore!

My niece loved batman so much,this is what she wears round the house.Her shirt says "Future crime fighter" & has a cape

My adorable niece. With the dark knight.

My fat cat "Slash" acting as the bouncer. Letting the trick-or-treaters thru.

My niece,a Broncos Cheerleader,& the Dark Knight.She liked Batman SO much,i had 2 buy her this

CHI Bears Graham BLATANT 15yrd HOLD on Knox punt return 4 TD.Bush had 2 SMACK him 2 get him off his jersey.NOT PHANTON!

Graham hold on Knox punt return 4 TD,gave 1 REAL hard tug on gunner.@ this point Ref HAD 2 reach 4 flag.TOO blatant

Graham HORSECOLLAR on GB gunnar on Knox punt return 4 TD.Held him for 15yrds

My nieces fav activity?Pretendin shes Rachel Ray.SERIOUSLY.she loves the kitchen & keeps sayin "SALAMI!DUH!Wachel Way!"

My niece blowing out the candles of her bday cake.

My niece at her BDay party. sliding down the slide,but her feet didnt wanna go w/

My niece playing in the kitchen at her birthday party. Turning 2yrs old! This is the 2nd of her 3 birthday parties!

How culd I ever say to this little face!

My niece got a new Cheerleader uniform,warm ups,11 Jersey, but she didnt care.All she wanted was the Boise State gloves!

Spent the day w/my niece yesterday.Took her shoppin & 2 see & prater @ the blue & orange store

I think its technically Sandy,UT.

My family at the Mayan in Salt Lake. I go down there all the time,& we always eat lunch there.Great place!

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