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she was raised in the church, turnt out in the ghetto. it ain't gotta be the walk of shame, but that's only if u know the game. & other #CokePin colloquialisms.

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it doesn't LOOK like a lot, but i carry most of my weight in my midsection & it's HARD to get rid of :)

RT : 6. Twitpic yourself wearing a favorite personal style. #NobleQuest

this is me, my bio dad, & my siblings. look at my skin compared to theirs. I'M JUST SAYIN

RT : 5. Twitpic your best feature. #NobleQuest

mine has an asymmetrical hem. but i got less bewbs to fill it out ( ._.)

RT : 14. What’s the tenth picture in your phone?

lmaoooooooooooo i just found out abt the "discover" button on Spotify. it's kinda like follow suggestions on Twitter:

i'm bidding on this serving cart. i have no use for it. someone talk me out if this.

lest we forget - photo #38 in my phone:

you sick old fucker. the hell is wrong with you? RT : ha

so what does this say about you, Geraldo? since you like to judge people based on how they present themselves...

i just said that lol but no. they mean this:

RT : 1 in 10 Americans Use Smartphones During Sex via

(._. ) this is all #His fault...


okay, okay. y'all know how i am. here is my contribution to #TwitpicMyGlasses

well, u win. although normally my boobs hide & i just happen to have cleavage today :)

this was me en route to work. i don't have cleavage on a normal day. how did this happen?