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It's just stuff like this. The placement of the camera (or the top of that material) is just sloppy.

Is there a specific reason Apple has refrained from adding ON/OFF switches like these to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

About to install some of the biggest updates to GarageBand. #fb

YouTube comments. They're gems.

Nevermind, I fixed it lol.

Does this Linear Trendline look a little off to anybody?

This is beyond swag. This, ladies and gentlemen, is class.

Splatter in F# Minor

Somebody turned their Minecraft view distance to tiny.

I ran into this glitch in the middle of the sea. I don't know whether or not it's rendering or level generation.

Wanna bet? ;)

*sigh* finally finished it.

I appreciate the quick response. I don't see anything queued in Window > Show Activity.

When you see it…

Well has had the white one for some time now so, we all knew it was coming. #letstalkiphone

Cool, but not what I really had in mind for today.

Hmm, well OtterBox isn't some unknown Chinese maker so I'm gonna say their 3,000,000 iPhone 4S cases means something.


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