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I like wine and shite talk.

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Can't believe these bitches.

Sat on the floor wrapping the last few pressies. Why the floor? Here's why:

Oh look ...

The last cupcake. Might have to hold an auction for it.

#TreeEnvy? Try this on for size!

A lonely forgotten glove and a weird bum seat. I've too much gin.

Having dinner with work. One of my colleagues is drinking beer from a tiny pink plastic FA cup from a Christmas cracker

Amazing isn't it.

Wrapped loads of pressies but will have to leave them in bags under the tree incase the hounds open them early.

Examined this grey hair for ages, decided to pluck it... Only to discover it actually belonged to my dog! #ewwww

Belle sits like a human! #Weirdo

This exists. #WTF

WTF does this even mean? #McFlurries?

This is what woke me up this morning. My dog pinned me to the bed and licked my face. Lovely.

That's right Twitter, it's never too cold for ice-cream!

Took this to prove I don't actually have a crossed eye. Turns out I actually do. #Eeek #NotReally

New hair! Plus I think there's something in my eye...

Pepper owning Belle.

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between a boxer and a shih tzu? Well you would probably be wrong.

This exists.

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