Marc Rogers


Rambling of an English hacker. One of the guys behind BBC's The Real Hustle. Director of SecOps at DEF CON. Works as Principal Security Researcher for Lookout.

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see here -

also hes ripping off opensource projects like our PORTAL project to cover his inability to deliver

Anonabox intends to steal intellectual property from opensource projects kickstarter needs to intervene.

Not only does #anonabox intend to rip off our code but apparently he doesn't know enough to do it himself :/ FAIL

Whiskycon at HITB with

Well, has earned my respect. Not only does she have exquisite taste in alcohol, she drinks whisky like a scott

thanks, but judging by this it wont be completely uneventful. Now where did I put that micro USB keyboard....

My hydrogen fuel cell has arrived. I love dangerous tech. Wonder how ling before it blows up.

This earthquake hated booze.

Forget APT1, I just found APT19.

And another awkward hug for #defcon

This time it's who gets the awkward hug! #defcon

Wow almost a full house at track 3.

Watching 's back....

Staging with



Hey I've found an "NSA proof" assistant to do all your writing:

Edward Snowden @ #HopeX "I have extremely poor short-term memory. A lifetime of memes & lolcats will do that to you"