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What brings you to this nape of the woods, neck of the wape. How come you're here?

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Girls+16 oz boxing gloves+alcohol= awesome.

Boxing bike riders in Australia.

These are no joke.

Australia spiders are no joke.

they are the south Bronx in a crazy purple teal color. I got some Bronx too, with the fur!!! Haha

Lacing up some new kicks!

Leftovers are my favorite food group.

Lobster time!!

Headed here tonight.

Late Christmas present. Every BMXer should have one.

I love old BMX videos more than I can possibly say.

watching pop shops 1 at cabrals. Funny stuff.

Hahhahaha, my buddies gift. . .

Bmx Christmas party. My first gift.

Chris Gerber and roller skates.

is amazing. So pumped, about to shred.

This is what happens on cape cod in the winter.

Suicide knob, check.


Can you guess where I'm sitting??