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What brings you to this nape of the woods, neck of the wape. How come you're here?

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I just got into the child molester van.

Well, see ya later.

An old rusty screw got the worst of today.

Sushi with

Killing time in Chicago.

Back on cape cod riding old local spots. I love it!

looking good after a little tree climb.

The Pit!

here ya go. About to have a little morning session.

New bike! Pumped. Eggplant Enerson frame. About to ride the new ramp set up.

Lifting cars big daddy style.

This is an old one, but still plenty good.

Cops cops cops! Damn.

Christmas trees are fun.

Lilly's birthday party.

Hahahaha I didn't even end up going today, so if something's wrong, it wasn't me.

first coat is about to be done.

Pretending to be classy for a minute.

Jeff Neely at the climbing compitition in town. Fist pumping at the top of the wall.

There's a hole in my house.