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How to do a proper and professional wedding shoot.

How exactly does the conversation with his barber go?

A hawker has just been clubbed on the head along Moi Ave. in what seems to have been a "kanjo" raid.

Meanwhile, at the #TPF5 academy...

How Lady Gaga chooses what to wear.

Balotelli: As Hollywood.

The multi-talented Balotelli.

Joss Whedon had a lot of elements right with Avengers.
That includes shots of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow.
No, really.

In the category of wordplay brilliantly executed, dear mortals, I submit to you...

"Every year Susan goes on holiday with her flat mate."
Rise mortals, and applaud this simple yet brilliant wordplay.

And we're off! and Band off to an exhilerating start at Brookhouse. #507Concert

Revoke ManCard.
Revoke ManCard now.
Revoke, revoke, revoke.

GADO today: "As if milking the cow weren't enough..."
Tis true.

Ft. The Villagers, Hopiho, Cindy Ogana, Vanika, AntoNeoSoul and hosted by Marcus Olang'.
Brookhouse, 7pm. Only 500bob.

And there you have it: The Avengers storyboard in one image.