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Prepare yourself, for you shall die from an overload of cuteness: Timon and Simba in real life.

A very short drive later, still along #ThikaRd. #MyNairobi

I had to see it for myself. I'm impressed. #ThikaRd #MyNairobi

Just saw an X6, , and my first thought was, "Oh look! Hunched up kangaroo!"

How the average Arsenal fan sees his club. Of course, the truth is anything but.

Attached: The image of a BMW X6. Note how it reminds you of the kangaroo previously attached, tail chopped off.

Attached: The image of a kangaroo. Note how it reminds you of the X6.

...and a lounge that looks like that.

All this, when you already have a cafeteria that looks like this...

And photo #1 on #IdentifyThePhotographer was indeed... [see logo!] @ iamraamullei

Photo #2: #IdentifyThePhotographer.

Let's play a fun game: #IdentifyThePhotographer. (Note: Said photographer cannot call themselves out.)

That's you, . In part. When you were young and naive and... Good God! What's that on your head?!

That's Chepseba's photo on his official Olympics #London2012 profile. Right.


One @ __RamzZy__ at work on a rather exciting sketch. He's quite good, this chap. #thebogof

"The Grand Finale." Because suddenly we'll be awed by the con game that has been #tpf5.

Your Majesty, methinks the black activist types will not take that kindly.

Meanwhile, among Queen Elizabeth's thoughts...

. and I at Nakumatt Lifestyle. I'm a really funny chap, it would seem.