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To think that chair just thought it'd live a plain life subjected to SBD farts. It's now famous. #eastwooding

You can always trust The Simpsons to predict the future. #eastwooding

Although, I half expect BO to spin around in that chair, stroking a cat, and go, "I've been waiting for you..."

Do it. You know you want to.

Yes. I am Triple H.

I had a joke - biology related - in reaction to this, but I don't feel like taking on feminist activists today.

"Tukishangilia mabingwa wetu huko London, mimi nitakuwepo."
The rallying call of Kenyan officials, #London2012.

I told you: The aliens live among us.

So that's what the infamous white light looks like.

Ah yes, trust the Brits for some form of wordplay or other: "Harry grabs the Crown Jewels."

Attached: Manly moustache.
Lock and load.

"Unfriendzoned." I never thought I'd see the day. A moment of silence for a worthy man. *takes off hat, bows head*

Met one brilliant chap yesterday. Founder of . The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

This here blog » Mo Farah Running Away From Things | « has a good number of those images. Enjoy.

#MoFarah on the runway.

One man. One country. One alien invasion. #MoFarah in, "Independence Day." In theatres near you.

#MoFarah Rises.

#MoFarah and the Dead Man's Chest.

The meme based on British runner Mohammed Farah is a rib-cracker! Presenting: "#MoFarah and those meddling kids."

"One in every four guys is gay."