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If you recall this » Pressol « then you, my friend, are a child of the good days. [Yes, still in the market.]

Oppa Batman Style! [via , ]

The cost of fuel today. Still, smile dammit!

As I swung by the supermarket earlier today. I was slightly disappointed that I don't spit blood when I brush.

Friday! Bust a move like you mean it!

So just smile dammit!

Swag? Utter rubbish.
Yolo? Please.

Smile dammit!

. I could've offered more, but I'll let you sleep on that.
(Attached: An image of Junior English Book 2. With answers.)

Smile dammit!

Two things:
1. Riara University. The circle is complete.
2. QR code on a billboard. I'm not exactly enthused.

At a glance: The 12 things you want to know when dealing with an introvert.

"Call us today," they say - and proceed to not give me their number.

I don't know who she got the smile from, mom or dad, but Malia #Obama is stunning.

Apple vs. Samsung. Fantastic image, this.

": people over here are being mean toRomney! dont wanna open my twitter for now! #CandidatesBetterThanRomney"

"Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot, Obama..."
Discuss. (5mks)

"Size doesn't matter."
Discuss. (4mks)

President Obama, #eastwooding.