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Know Photoshop? Any basic knowledge will do - South Korea's Yonhap news agency desperately needs you.

Iron Man v. Batman. cc

"Chuck Norris as a child."

This one » « has a future in TV. Mark my words.

Ah. Wasichana. Mtatuua sisi wanaume. Tho. In other news, the attached photo, *tears*

Folks, Johnny Bravo is real. We found him.


Evolution isn't actually a thing. Here's your proof.

A-hahaha! Arsenal!

That baby looks warm AND cool.

In the surest sign that life is indeed moving on, NTV teases yet another new South American telenovella.

I'm not too certain what this movie poster does for feminism, but I have a few theories.

Beyonce and D-Generation X. Lovely image.

Real men particularly avoid polka-dotted umbrellas when headed to the polling station.

Gentlemen, we know this to be true.