goddamn problem



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Shit I need to know by November. Nbd, amirite?

1) I hope it doesn’t start raining just as I got outside. The kitties are worried.

This is what I look like btw cos if you’re gonna tie a chair to your trunk you MUST wear I’m-better-than-you lipstick

Sometimes I do things…


Yesterday’s eyeshadow stained; I keep poking myself with my pen.

Mega breakfast

floof wants you to.

Look at him all sitting in my lap like a floof.

Kitties are sharing.


I am out of can THEY ARE ALL PURRING


I would like to add that there is a third lethally cute kitten, but she is usually a blur:

This one is called Newton.

All over kittens.

I’m hungry but there’s a kitten on my chest.

Favorite coworker is cracking me the fuck up.