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PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. Geoweb, critical cartography, social media, networked cities, map art, etc. 15 min of fame: @pop_vs_soda

Photos and Videos by @mappingmashups

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Google may be pretty, but #openstreetmap is more accurate. They deleted the whole bridge, & why the interchange, too?

Google may be pretty, but #openstreetmap is more accurate. They deleted whole bridge, & what's up w/ that interchange?

"Foss, OK"? Weird looking map, weird google search result for #FOSS. But I like it.

Today's #AAG2013 #geowebchat was the 5th busiest of all time, & had the largest number of unique usernames attending!

Team Ewe does it Gangnam Style! Unfinished code is live: #ironsheep #aag2013

I wonder if a map like this from #occupy could be thought of as a kind of "footprint"? #geowebchat #ows

At first I just used twitter for sharing links, but in July 2011 you can see my tweets ramp up w/ the 1st #geowebchat

HuffPo's alt red/blue election map if electoral votes were tallied by cong. district: #mapscare

Maybe something like my logo for the Participatory Geoweb? cc #geowebchat

In #Wikipedia's map here: you might think that #Gaza was somehow not affected by the conflict.

WalkShed ( from gives the shortest _covered_ path from place to place #confluxfestival

Map of 2012 Mexican presidential election results interpreted through Lord of the Rings (source unknown)

Okay, we are approaching the end of this #geowebchat. Consider this image the final gong:

The ILGA-Europe "Rainbow Map" shows the national legal human rights situation of LGBTI people:

Poster for the Acoustic Cartographies event at the on April 15. We're mapping the sounds of #Vancouver!

Because wanted to see our #IronSheep trophy on display. With , Jochen Wendel, & .

Forgot to share this subtle Cathay Pacific geography fail. The map's fine, but the city icons are suspicious. #AAG2012

Zombies zombies and more zombies. #IronSheep #AAG2012

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