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Yamato rockt auch in Kleinstbesetzung:

ist mehr ein Darstellungsproblem bei dir. Meine Tweets sind sowas von nicht leer:

Yay, のりかつお.

I just had to actually think about which key is for the . Early onset idiotism.

Greetings from Zombieland.

Wait. Is it zombocalypse time finally?! Ah nah, soccer game. Damn.

Oh look it's a depressed mushroom. 1DOWN.

Hard choices.

Console gaming anno 2010:

procurement complete. will send 'em next week.

Olivia Munn now works for the Daily Show? Feels strange...

Finally his little blue friend from Japan has arrived:


And here it is:

tu ma lieber die

Securityszene wird auch immer infantiler:

Dieser Tweet kein Verb.

Can haz adapshun:

Well, at least my T-Shirt fits today's announcement:

Now this is what I call a solid base level of crazy: