Tom (Implants) Rich


Worse than Abu Ghraib - (close friends dnt follow!!!) (Some opinions maybe based on fantasy notions) (ed for legal purposes)

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Ok so pic of bathroom
Load this then favourite it

Me and my #jackson

Brownies ready!!

Oh chocolate brownie smell.
That was very easy.

#aliens are in fact very, very small..

Do I have this implant system - aside from the Ear and Eyes......

Burn marks in a triangle.

More burn marks.

More #burn marks on clothes. They usually appear above my vital organs - heart - lungs. #freethebritish (fromtorture)

This appeared on my clothing in the bathroom - i was in the middle of the room - i felt the faintest touch.

This drawing appeared outside my outside my house after id bought pornography. Some1 knew where id been etc.

This number plate is also fake - and observed on four diff cars. This was outside a music shop i visited on my birthday

This number plate appeared outside work after contacting mi5 - the number plate is fake.

Pictures drawn around my house - clearly intimidation etc

Just scales..

Standard clothing when you visit my house..

#hypnotised agents - civilians - assasins - have existed for years. Pic is of Candy Jones.

(ITS BANG) Out Of Order. #freethebritish

This pic is special. In the pub b4 i was attacked by a weapon that pierced my insides. Ive neva seen the sun like this.

You buy porn, get home and someone wrote this outside my gate..

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