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The local council spent £40k building this skate park...

Out cycling but we may have rode back in time several million years judging by the scenery.

BBQ is firing up again. We're testing out some smoked chicken today. Why? Because BBQ doesn't need an excuse.

My job my not be mega exciting, but at least they let me do my colouring in at the office.

I'm not too comfortable with being sat next to this hungry cyclops.

First time round is just a practice. I don't need to talk anything', I let the pig do the talking.

Hey , they're loving that pork so much they're eating bit of it off the grill. Great pork.

Breakfast of champions. #Hour7 #ProjectPIG

Can't have pulled pork sandwiches without top notch bread. Cheers to for 30 of these bad boys.

Don't want to worry anyone, but there's a dead pig packed on ice in the bathtub. #ProjectPIG

The first casualty of #ProjectPIG. Those of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

Ah, my new kitchen utensil has arrived. That's right, I'm cooking with a RAKE mutha'f*&ka! #ProjectPIG

Getting down to Wighfield: Saturday night. Oh yeah! Spangled till.

Watching middle aged white ppl dance beside a pair of toy Koalas is the best entertainment ever! Wanna fight about it?

Rolf and Matilda are out on the lash with me and here in Brum.

Just found that stuck to my back. Not my clothes, but my BACK. I am not a number, I AM A FREE MAN!!

Just found these cheeky scamps hiding on my coat pocket. They're joining me for a trip to Brum then I suppose.

At least one of these places has to be fictional, otherwise this is the best train route ever.

Amazing what people leave down by the canal.

I'm ill, but fortunately I have my medicine with me. Fizzy, orangey medicine.

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