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Last time of the season (maybe).

I think this would sell a lot more Tide around my area.

This is the ad Tide should always use in the city.

Look at those sexy graphics.

Anyone else jerseying up for hockey tonight? Broke out my #Leafs Tucker (then) away one.

I think I'm finally comfy. I love my bed. Literally it is the most comfortable. Almost sleep times.

Seriously good times. Like this...

Oh Facebook. You bring me joyful pictorial surprises.

Um, amazing playlist? I vote yes.

There's a reason this is my desktop.

Kissing long as they aren't gay. Way to go, America.

Yeah, that's what my car smells like.

Ok, so, here is my pillow layout, for one final piece of evidence.

10pm. Bored. Lying down not helping.....

I have this one...

Mmm breakfast.

This is amazing.

You tell me.

Fuck yes! Also:

So the Leafs played tonight. How do you think I feel right now?