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Fat acceptance, mental illness, homeschooling, feminism, coffee, knitting, lefty politics, & hippy-dippy geekery. Birdnerd.

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You're gonna look like this by the time you're my age:


back atcha!

hey there! Have some coffee!

And one kid snuggling a doggie.

What about swimming?

Aaaaaand.... #whatstheword

Anyone?? #whatstheword

Don't tell me the answer to this round; just tell me wtf this is a pic of???

And again. Stuck. #whatstheword

How bout this? #whatstheword

My Llani is slicing potatoes with a big sharp knife. She's 12. I'm trying to be fine with this.


See, I wasn't joking. Cheers!

Superduper battery plugged in in case of power loss.


WHAT, Kyle???

I don't *visibly* cringe, but inside I'm like: