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I don't trust girls because ... #holyshitgirl

I must be such a bad mom, look how unhappy, malnourished, abused and unattended my kids are..


My hair is dark, thanks $3 Walmart dye, you da best ~* #momlife #noface #eyes #creepyAF #ghostlife

So excited that actually came through and found what I was looking for~*

Me today

Anyone want to buy my size 00 or 2 size a&f skinny jeans? $20 ea please I need cash like woah

Kevin hart on pandora whaaaat? #bestsurprise #thankyou

it's the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr

Pumpkin beer > any beer ever

I'm getting so excited! #blink182 #hello6thgrade #punkrockforlife

I won! I'm so happy, best thing that's happened to me in a few weeks

and now I'm tipsy, these margaritaville paradise punch..with 8% alcohol, tastes identical to Hawaiian punch

I know I shouldn't have but I got Audrey leather moccasins for the fall, I can't wait till they come in #sequoia

well what am I supposed to do with a black & yellow hail seguin shirt now?!

just ordered new bikini bottoms, I really shouldn't have though #ohwell #retailtherapy

Bonnie and Clyde

look who's NAHT gettin pregnant tonight! #tgif #poppinpills

as hard as I cried when Rob died and when Arya saw her brothers body, this made me lol #GameOfThrones