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Maple bacon bar from Voodoo Donuts while watching Twin Peaks, my cool northwest day

Sitting downtown Seattle, get super excited at a weird colored pigeon

Go to bed with wet hair? It's the Curl for sure.

I have accomplished beautiful cupcakes, one of my favorite things.

Test cupcake. Chocolate cake with mint chips, double vanilla mint buttercream, mint chips, sugar pearls.

The icing that came with the kit was gross so I'm using my homemade double vanilla buttercream with mint mixed in.

Cupcakes out of the oven! Cooling then will get vanilla mint icing.

Very excited about this cake kit I got. Who likes mint chocolate chip stuff?

okay stop telling people to buy your soaps, I've made 3 dozen of each this week.

it a hit!

Working late tonight

keep forgetting we brought you back a treasure from Kauai

Bathroom wisdom.

Mcdonalds makes grownups happy with meals now by including tattoos, sweet.

Too much going on today, piña colada take me away

Late summer fat otter

99 perfumes to cook today. Oh, that's all. :X

Can't finish some work today because my garbage printer keeps jamming in the fuser every page. Maaaad.

Melted pineapple boba gets tossed in the blender with more ice and some piña colada syrup, delicious smoothie #2.

Pineapple boba, teriyaki chicken, and Dr Who. Welcome back, Maly weekdays.